I'm a bilingual web developer
and web designer.

A little bit about me

My path is nontraditional and not always coding related, but those detours have guided me into the place where I am today: I went from being a detailed-oriented legal translator and creative abstract art painter to building websites for myself and, ultimately, to working as a full time coder.

Those previous experiences have helped me learn skills that are very valuable for my web developer career. My artistic skills allow me to create and design beautiful websites and my language skills give you the option of building a BILINGUAL French and English site.

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I pride myself in writing clean code by hand
whenever needed to ensure that the content is easy to read and trouble-shoot, and easily changeable
according to your needs.

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I make sure that my code is responsive
so your site can adapt to any size screens,
and I make it a habit to stay up to date
on current best practices.

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You can trust me to take your ideas
and/or photos or your designer’s Photoshop file
and accurately convert them into a webpage
that is as unique as you are.